Our story & vision — less idiots, more happiness

Viking Stories Leadership Game is built to minimize the amount of idiots in workplaces and maximize the amount of happiness in families. In other words: we are here to help leaders.

If you have read the book 'Surrounded by Idiots' by Thomas Erikson, you know the catch: when you realize what you could do better as a leader and after you have learned the best practices to lead your team or your organization, you have a lot less idiots around you.

When we talk about good leadership, we talk about leading people — who are all different. They have different beliefs, fears, hopes and ambitions. They react in different ways and appreciate different things.

What happens, when you get people motivated? When you feed them with a perfect combination of responsibility, freedom, encouragement and equality? You get not only better results, but also people who are more energetic, more balanced, more committed — and whose families are happier, too. It's a real win—win—win situation.

"Old dogs don't learn new tricks", they say, but that is an urban legend. So is the idea of leadership skills as something you are born with. In reality, you can practice those skills – and our leadership game is an excellent tool for that. Everyone can become a leader who is able to lead their team successfully through various challenges.

Our vision: Gamification is the answer for corporate training

There's a huge boom about to happen in e-learning and simulation-based learning games. Corporate training needs are not only growing but also changing: there is more and more demand for different learning technologies that enable learning at your own pace, enhance deeper understanding and don’t require physical workshop attendance. New markets are forming, and our game is one of the top solutions in the change.

By now, we have validated our solution and launched the game platform, that is under constant iteration. At the moment our game provides valuable data and analysis to its users in cost-effective way – and there is more to come.

So far, we have done cooperation with several companies and organizations in Scandinavia. In 2019 we are starting collaboration in Europe and the US.

Our story: From an idea to a product in less than a year

Our CEO Heli has helped organizations to develop their leadership practices for several years. She is a leadership, management theory and learning games specialist. Seppo, our COO, has years of experience as Executive Chairman, CEO and C-level director in banking and financial service industry.

In 2017, Heli and Seppo got an idea about a game that would simulate real-life leadership challenges and thus help the player to find the best ways to lead their own team. After this, basically in no time, our CTO Antti joined the team. He has 20 years of experience in software companies and start-ups.

And so this trio found themselves creating a brand new mobile game with a bunch of developers and gamification experts.

In 2018, our game went live. In the game, you can model real-life situations and leadership challenges of your team, find your strengths as a leader and learn the best leadership practices for your organization. Carefully built algorithms and Al will guide you through various challenges and help you to find the best ways to act. We also offer you data, that ables you to compare your results to other leaders and organizations. Everything is based on research and theory.

Our values
We are here to guide, to show and to support. We don’t tell you the answers but help you to find them. That is the point where the magic – real learning – happens.
Learn from your mistakes in the game, and make the right decisions in real life.
We are lighthearted, but our message and content is significant.
We are your guide, not a rulebook.
We are active in trying new methods and ideas to get better solutions.
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